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November 16, 2004

ADR: New masters degree program planned for fall 2005


New Masters Degree Program Begins Fall 2005

The Appropriate Dispute Resolution Program continues to grow and expand as the legal profession continues to rethink traditional approaches to conflict.  Right now, the ADR program:

* Oversees 20 Oregon community mediation programs
* Provides intensive mediation training to 200 students in the past 4 years
* Maintains a national web directory of ADR classes with the American Bar Association
* Integrates ADR principles into traditional law courses
* Expanded ADR class offerings from 2 to 9 in the past three years.
* Hosts major conferences including Mastering Modern Arbitration last spring.
* Sponsors the ADR Advocates, with 100 active student members

Conflict and Dispute Resolution MA/MS
Next year, the program will expand even further to offer a masters of arts or sciences degree in conflict and dispute resolution for recent graduates and mid-career professionals as well as law students.  Pending final approval, it will be a university-wide, interdisciplinary program based at the law school, scheduled to enroll 20 to 25 students in fall 2005. A full-time student can complete all requirements in two years. Part-time and concurrent degree students can complete the degree in three years. INFO: (541) 346-1557 or 346-3042.

Appropriate Dispute Resolution Program


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