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April 1, 2005

Success in a tight job market: 2004 Jobs Survey

2004 Employment Survey
Success in a tight job market 


98% response
90% employed
Median salary $45,300
High: $150,000. Low: $20,800.
53% private practice/business.
47% public service/public interest

In what has continued to be one of the more difficult job markets we’ve seen in years, our survey presents a surprisingly positive picture of the employment success of our 2004 graduates

This year we have information on 98% of the Class of 2004, well above the low 90s generally reported by law schools nationally.  

Fifty-three percent went into private practice or business, with a median salary of  $52,500.

Forty-seven percent are working in public service, which includes clerkships, government service, academia and non profits. This is way above the national average of 26-29%. Median salary for those in public service is $40,100.

Fifty-one percent of our 2004 graduates are working in Oregon. Significant numbers went to Washington, California, and to other Western states as well as to the East Coast and Midwest.

For the Class of 2004, 90% were employed. While that’s an impressive number, it compares to 94% for the prior class. The difference is due to several graduates who were not seeking work for family reasons or because of extended travel plans. There were no graduates in this category for the Class of 2003.

– Asst. Dean Merv Loya, Career Services Director

Eugene: (541) 346-3847
Portland: (503) 220-2183

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