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June 14, 2005

It’s not too late to apply! Earn a master’s degree in conflict and dispute resolution

Conflict & Dispute Resolution
Master’s Degree . . .
It’s not too late to apply!

Earn a master’s degree in arts or science through this interdisciplinary two-year program in conflict and dispute resolution offered by the University of Oregon School of Law.

Apply now – Orientation begins the morning of Thursday, August 17 at the Knight Law Center, 1515 Agate Street in Eugene, Oregon. Classes begin Monday, August 21.

This two-year interdisciplinary program teaches you specific skills you will use everyday in a number of careers – from mediation practice to law enforcement, public administration to diplomacy.

The 19 members of the last year’s entering class are already making a difference. Their internships include working on women’s issues at the California Department of Labor, teaching dispute resolution to Oregon farmworker youth, working with the elderly through Oregon Mediation Association, and helping an environmental group settle resource disputes in the San Juan Islands.

The program begins with an intensive four-week class “The Philosophy of Conflict Resolution.” It is taught by UO philosophy professor Cheyney Ryan.

Ryan says, “My main concern is understanding the amount of violence in the world and thinking about the ways to transcend it. But questions of war and peace cannot be separated from basic questions of justice, and so it covers a wide range of topics. I am also interested in understanding conflict on the more personal level as well.”

Check the program website for a full list of courses.  

This 68-credit masters of arts or sciences degree in conflict and dispute resolution is designed both for recent graduates and mid-career professionals.  Fifteen to 20 students are expected to enroll in fall 2006. A full-time student can complete all requirements in two years (six terms).
It is open to law students as a concurrent degree.

INFO: (541) 346-1557 or 346-3042.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What’s different about this conflict resolution program?
It is university-wide and interdisciplinary. We will address some of our society’s most vexing problems: longstanding ethnic strife, pressing environmental problems, human rights issues, divisive corporate practices, intellectual property disputes – all of the modern issues that require the perspective of more than one academic discipline.
 How much does it cost?
Total resident tuition and fees (including UO fees): 
$14,040 per year or $4,680 per term
Total non-resident tuition and fees (including UO fees): 
$18,612 per year or $6,204 per term
(Tuition and fees are subject to change) 

Where are you located?
In the heart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The University of Oregon is a major AAU research university in Eugene, a city of 139,000 in the temperate Willamette Valley on the I-5 corridor 100 miles south of Portland. The 500-student law school is housed in the new Knight Law Center, with wired and wireless connections throughout.

How is the curriculum structured?
 In the first year, students concentrate on a core course sequence designed to build strong foundations in conflict resolution theory and practice. In the following year, students focus on individualized learning through interdisciplinary elective course options, practicum, and a thesis or professional project. Participation in a capstone seminar completes the degree requirements.

How do I apply?
You may apply online or print an application from the web.  You must apply through the University of Oregon Graduate School.  Application information.

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