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July 28, 2005

From sports to the courts: Former Ducks go to law school

From sports to the courts:
Former Ducks bring their competitive fire to their legal careers

By Rob Moseley

The Register-Guard

July 24, 2005  

When Michael Callier was a teenager growing up in Salem, he saw a movie called The Firm, an adaptation of a John Grisham novel of the same name.

The book and film feature a character named Mitch McDeere, a fresh-faced young lawyer who begins working at a high-powered firm out of law school before Grisham’s familiar pulp fiction ensues. 

“Man,” Callier recalls thinking to himself, “I want to be an attorney.” 
A decade later, fresh out of the University of Oregon School of Law, Callier has followed through on his pronouncement by walking in the footsteps of the fictional McDeere. Having previously accepted a position at a prestigious big-city law firm, in this case Portland’s Tonkon Torp, Callier passed the bar exam last year and became a full-fledged attorney.. . READ THE FULL STORY 

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