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September 9, 2005

LIFE@LAW: News and Events of the UO School of Law Sept 6-18

News and Events of the University of Oregon School of Law
September 6-18, 2005


COMING UP: Help for New Orleans law students; 1955, 1980 and 1985 reunions; Tailgate party! “Stacked Deck” author Larry Mitchell;  Felix Cohen biographer Dalia Tsuk; Constitution Day; James Guay photography exhibit and more

Labor Day is over – that last cruel minute of summer in which we realize we will all be laboring the rest of the fall and parking spots will be hard to find.

MORSE CENTER: Indigenous Peoples
This month, the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics begins its 2005-7 program of lectures, visitors, resident scholars and events on its two-year theme of Indigenous Peoples: National Policy and International Human Rights. INFO: (541)346-3700.
Thursday, September 8   
Associate Dean Margie Paris and Assistant Dean Matt Roberts fly to San Diego today to meet with the law school’s numerous Golden State alumni at the California State Bar annual meeting. They’ll cohost a reception at 5:00 P.M. at the Manchester Hyatt with the new law firm of Ferrette Alcorn Pharies & Dorgan -(three of the partners are Oregon alums.) About 700 California bar members have a UO connection.


Friday, September 9    
BROWN BAG: Portland Mentoring Program
Noon, Room 141. Interested in practicing in Portland? Meet Brooke Burns ’00 of Black Helterline and Kurt Hansen ’84, of Schwabe Williamson and Wyatt. They’ll tell you all about our Law Alumni Association program that matches Portland mentors with current law students.  INFO: Career Services (541) 346-3847.
Friday, September 9           
RECEPTION: The wonderful world of Intellectual Property 
5:00 P.M.-7:00 P.M., Morse Commons. The Oregon State Bar‘s intellectual property section wants to get to know you – here’s your opportunity to talk to real life experts from Eugene and Portland. One of the hosts said, “Come meet lawyers interested in the wide wonderful world of intellectual property- free food and drink.  Or just come for the freebies!” INFO: Carol A Busby at 541-484-6860 or visit Career Services.
Monday, September 12       
THINKING ALOUD: Caroline Forell and the Notorious Convict
Noon, Faculty Lounge. This is the first in this year’s “Thinking Aloud” series, talks by UO law faculty on works in progress.  Forell will speak about Jane New, who was convicted of theft in England and transported to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) in the 1830s.Forell says “In early nineteenth century Australia, women’s only career options were domestic service, marriage or prostitution. Jane quite possibly engaged in all three. In addition, Jane starred in a landmark decision, In re Jane New, which determined the scope of free settlers’ and emancipists’ property interests in the convicts who were assigned to them.” Open to university faculty. INFO
Wednesday, September 14       
DEADLINE: Tailgate signup
Last day to sign up for Saturday’s tailgate party.
Thursday, September 15       
LECTURE: Dalia Tsuk on Felix Cohen  
Noon, Faculty Lounge. The first of this year’s faculty Lecture & Awards Committee. Dalia Tsuk, a legal historian at George Washington University Law School, will talk about Encounters with Pluralism: The Life and Thought of Felix S. Cohen, her  forthcoming biography of the famed legal realist and Indian law scholar. INFO
Speaker’s website
Thursday, September 15       
LECTURE: Larry Mitchell on Corporate Social Responsibility
4:30 P.M., Room 141. Larry Mitchell, author of Stacked Deck: A Story of Selfishness in America, which was submitted for the 1998 Pulitzer Prize in general non fiction, will speak on corporate social responsibility.  Mitchell, one of the country’s leading progressive corporate law scholars, also wrote Corporate Irresponsibility: America’s Newest Export, BEFORE the Enron and WorldCom fiascos. INFO

Speaker’s website 

Thursday, September 15       
POTLUCK: Critical Race Theory Reading Group
5:00 P.M., Faculty Lounge. Bring food and yourself if you’re interested in this monthly discussion group. Open to all law students. INFO: Keith Aoki or Kate Weatherly
Friday, September 16       
Constitution and Citizenship Day
Noon-1:00 P.M., Room 175. Oregon Appeals Court Judge David Schuman, Associate Dean Margie Paris and visiting professor of international Law Hari Osofsky will discuss international law as a guide to  the interpretation of the Constitution.  Student representatives from the American Constitution Society and the Federalist Society have also been invited. This national event honors the final meeting of the Constitutional Congress in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787 and the signing of the United States Constitution. It will be telecast to other public university campuses in Oregon and will also be available on DVD for later viewing. Free and open to the public. INFO
Friday, September 16       
WELCOME: Classes of 1980 and 1985
5:30 P.M., Wayne Morse Commons. Cocktail Welcome Reception for the classes of 1980 and 1985. INFO

Friday, September 16       
REUNION DINNER: Class of 1955
5:30 P.M., Class of 1955 reunion dinner at the Umpqua Room of the Valley River Inn. INFO

Saturday, September 17       
2:00 P.M., Mallard Park, east side of Autzen stadium. Free food, beer, wine and sodas from the Wild Duck brewery before the Fresno State game, courtesy of your Student Bar Association and Law Alumni Association. You must sign up by Wednesday,
September 14.
Saturday, September 17       
REUNION DINNERS: 1980 and 1985
7:30 P.M. Class of 1980 dines at Oregon Electric Station. Reunion dinner for Class of 1985 in the Wayne Morse Commons. INFO
Sunday, September 18       
REUNION PICNIC: Class of 1980
11:00 A.M., Alton Baker Park. Class of 1980 picnic. INFO


The overwhelming tragedy in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mississippi and the Gulf Coast led to a flurry of communications around the law school voicing concern for the victims and a desire to help. The UO School of Law is offering fall placement to as many as 10 law students from Tulane and Loyola in New Orleans. Next week, at least one Katrina refugee – a  2L from Loyola – will join us for the fall semester. FULL STORY

Russa Kittredge ’01 was – until Katrina made landfall – happily working as a career counselor at Tulane Law School in New Orleans. She wrote to career services associate director Jane Steckbeck about the hurricane and the destruction of one of the nation’s great cities, “We are just so very lucky compared to so many. Watching the news, reading the paper, and talking with our friends from there .. it’s horrible and heartbreaking.”

Her family evacuated on Saturday before the storm, first to a hotel in Texas and then to Tucson. She says, “It looks like we will be here for the semester and will work from here until they get Tulane and New Orleans back up and running again.”

She sends hellos to everyone – including any Tulane students who may have taken the law school up on our offer.

Nineteen new conflict resolution master’s degree students are adjusting to the remarkably complex schedule that resulted from combining terms and semesters (don’t try this at home…)

ADR director and associate dean Jane Gordon writes “It’s an impressive group, with a rich diversity of background, experience and interest.” The class is composed of 11 men, eight women, five students of color and five law students. They include a Chilean attorney, a member of Eugene’s Police Commission, experienced administrators in human resources, early childhood education and diversity education, an engineer for the Lane Regional Pollution Authority and a Navy veteran who volunteers with Special Olympics.

Photographer James Guay transforms solid, everyday objects and decaying industrial spaces into fiery abstract images. His influences include Miles Davis, Marc Rothko and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Guay’s new exhibit in the law school’s second floor gallery runs through January 6. Most prints are available for purchase. This is the third in a series of photography exhibits organized by torts professor and art czar Dominic Vetri. FULL STORY

Two law school teams ran the 2005 Hood to Coast relay last month. The 197-mile run from the top of Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean at Seaside attracts more than 12,000 runners each year. The “Running from the Law” team included four graduates – Lincoln Nehring ’04, Scott Lawrence ’05, Lisa Schaures ’05 and Barry Smith ’05 – plus current students Molly Allen, Greg Gill, Peter Henkle, Melissa Hurley and Terry Miller.

No direct reports from the other team – but these law students were sighted: Jed Barden, Bekah Cook, Sara Hunter, Matt Jaksa, Dan Peterson, Brigid Turner and Ed Wilson. Word on the street is that Jonathan Manton ’03, our new assistant director of development, ran as well and that the entire team made great time.


Thursday, September 22   
LECTURE: Barbara Flagg on Critical Race Theory
Noon, Lewis Lounge. Washington University law professor Barbara Flagg will present a work in progress on constitutional law and critical race theory. Second in the Faculty Lectures & Awards series. INFO
Speaker’s website
Friday, September 23       
LECTURE: Werner Heun on the European Monetary Union
Werner Heun, a German legal and political science academician, will speak on the European monetary union and its expansion to the eastern European countries. INFO

Friday, September 23         

PANEL: Jury Selection
1:30 P.M. – 3:00 P.M., Room 184. Joe Metcalfe, who teaches criminal law and trial practice, will moderate a discussion on jury selection by a panel of trial attorneys. The panelists are plaintiff’s lawyer Don Corson ’85, whose Eugene practice emphasizes catastrophic personal injuries; Los Angeles attorney Tom Dempsey ’69, president of TLPJ, a national trial lawyer’s public interest firm and  Lawrence Riff ’82 of Steptoe and Johnson’s Los Angeles office,  who defends oil and chemical companies in toxic torts cases. Free and open to the public. INFO
Saturday, September 24   
2:00 P.M., Mallard Park, east side of Autzen stadium. Free food, beer, wine and sodas from the Wild Duck brewery before the USC game, courtesy of your Student Bar Association and Law Alumni Association. You must sign up by Wednesday, September 21.
Saturday, September 24   
REUNIONS: 1965 and 1975
7:30 P.M. Reunion dinner for the Class of 1965 at The Town Club. The Class of 1975 will dine in the Wayne Morse Commons.
Saturday, September 24 
MORSE PROFESSOR: Wilma Mankiller
Wilma Mankiller arrives in town as the 2005-6 Wayne Morse Professor of Law and Politics. The author and activist served 13 years as the first female principal chief of the Cherokee Nation. She will be a guest of the Ethnic Studies Program offices in McKenzie Hall in Room 364 on the main campus. Mankiller will be in residence until December 1.

Sunday, September 25    University Convocation 

3:00 P.M., McArthur Court. Speaker S. James “Jim” Gates Jr. directs the Center for Particle and String Theory at the University of Maryland. Physicist Gates has been featured in the PBS series, NOVA. FULL STORY
Friday, September 30       

SYMPOSIUM: Against the Grain: Working for the Public Interest 

Noon-5:00 P.M., Wayne Morse Commons, Rooms 110 and 175. As a law clerk, keynoter John Affeldt assisted in the trial of Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega, recently served as lead counsel in a 2004 class action that won new educational guarantees for thousands of California’s poorest school children and now heads Public Advocates, a thirty-five-year-old San Francisco law firm that advocates for the poor and dispossessed. California Lawyer magazine named him 2004 Attorney of the Year. He will be joined by others who have chosen to work in the public interest at this symposium organized by PIPS, the law school’s Public Interest/Public Service program. INFO
Wednesday, October 5           
THINKING ALOUD: Susan Gary and the Dead Hand
Noon, Faculty Lounge. The second in this year’s “Thinking Aloud” series of works in progress by UO law faculty. Susan Gary will speak about donor intent and philanthropic gifts.  (Fundraisers take note).

She is working on a paper for the NYU conference Grasping the Nettle: Respecting Donor Intent and Avoiding the Dead Hand. Gary’s paper is “Respecting Donor Intent:  Why and How Much?”  She says it sounds easy ….but it’s not. For example, how do you determine intent if the donor didn’t provide an instrument – for example, gifts to the Red Cross in the wake of 9/11? Open to university faculty. INFO

Thursday, October 6
LECTURE:  Ann Hubbard on disability law
Noon, Lewis Lounge. Ann Hubbard will speak on recent controversies in the field of disability law. She is  a law professor at the University of Cincinnati, formerly of the University of North Carolina. Third in this year’s faculty Lecture & Award Committee series. INFO Speaker’s website
Friday, October 7            
SYMPOSIUM: Sustainable Land Use
Room 175. Measure 37 and sustainable land use is the topic of this year’s Journal of Environmental Law & Litigation symposium. INFO

All events at the Knight Law Center, 1515 Agate Street on the UO campus in Eugene, unless otherwise noted. These events, like life itself, are subject to change. Best to check with the contacts before you make firm plans. – Eliza Schmidkunz

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