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October 17, 2005

The Handbook of Dispute Resolution, edited by Michael Moffitt, wins 2005 book award

NIACR Announces the Winner of its 2005 Book Award

Editor Michael Moffitt’s “Handbook of Dispute Resolution” synthesizes 30 years of research

On October 17, the National Institute for Advanced Conflict Resolution announced the winner of its 2005 book award — “The Handbook of Dispute Resolution,” a practitioner’s guide edited by Michael Moffitt, a law professor at  the University of Oregon. The coeditor is Harvard law lecturer Robert C. Bordone.
“This honor really is a tribute to the dozens of contributors who made this collection possible,” Moffitt said, “The Handbook provided an opportunity for several generations of dispute resolution scholars, drawn from a range of different disciplines, to appear together in the same book for the first time.  I’m delighted to have had the chance to help make it happen.” 
Published as part of a special series with the Program on
Negotiation at Harvard Law School,  the book synthesizes more than thirty years of research into practitioner-focused chapters that assume no previous background in dispute resolution. At the same time, it offers new research and theory that will interest those who have been immersed in the field for years.

The handbook is organized into four sections: Understanding Disputants, Understanding Disputes and Dispute Contexts, Understanding Dispute Resolution Processes, and Emerging Issues in Dispute Resolution.

The NICAR award is given annually by the institute to a book published in the United States that shows the best promise of promoting and contributing to the field of conflict resolution.
Editor Michael L. Moffitt is an associate professor and the associate director of the Appropriate Dispute Resolution Program at the UO School of Law. Editor Robert C. Bordone is the Thaddeus R. Beal Lecturer on Law at Harvard and the deputy director of the Harvard Negotiation Research Project at Harvard Law School.

The National Institute for Advanced Conflict Resolution (NIACR) was founded for the purpose of advancing the field of conflict resolution in the United States, and promoting a greater understanding of the role of mediation in resolving disputes. NIACR provides online resources for practicing mediators as well as information to the general public about issues pertaining to mediation and conflict resolution.
-from stories by NIACR, Jossey-Bass, and the Program on Negtiation at Harvard Law.


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