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February 28, 2006

Law professor Merle Weiner: Changing laws for families

Changing laws and lives for families

Merle Weiner has two boys of her own, but her interest in children and families goes far beyond her doorstep.

Coauthor of the first casebook on international family law, Weiner has been working for the past five years to clarify and present a case for reform of the laws concerning international child abduction. “The current law says that courts should, with very few exceptions, immediately send the children back to where they came from,” she says. “But 70 percent of these abductors are mothers, many of whom claim to be fleeing domestic violence.” Weiner believes that these women should be allowed to participate in international custody disputes from afar, just as they are able to litigate interstate custody disputes in the Unites States.  FULL STORY


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