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April 9, 2007

Spirit of Birds: Artist Larry McQueen’s paintings here through August 30

     Spirit of birds
    Exhibit features bird artist Larry McQueen 

You’ll see what’s special about Eugene bird artist Larry McQueen if you click on the Great Backyard Bird Count website. With only a quick line or hint of color, he makes you see the subtle differences between a black-capped chickadee and the Carolina variety, or a house finch and a purple finch. His work – photographs, paintings, and scientific illustration – has appeared in The Audubon Master Guide to Birding and numerous calendars, posters, and field guides.  Now McQueen’s original paintings are on display at the University of Oregon School of Law, 1515 Agate St. in Eugene.

The exhibit, Spirit of Birds, will continue through August 30 in the law school’s first floor administrative offices, open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.,

This year, a new field-guide to the birds of Peru will be published by Princeton University Press with McQueen’s illustrations . McQueen said, “The cover shows my painting of two Scarlet-banded Barbets -a species discovered just ten years ago. Peru and Columbia have  the most different species of birds within their borders.”

Larry McQueen began watching birds as a child Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania.  He received a degree in ecology and conservation from Idaho State University in 1961 and worked during the summers for the Idaho State Game Commission, investigating the predatory relationship of Golden Eagles and antelope. 

He was drafted into the army in the early 1960s, and  worked on bird projects and other ecological work at Dugway, Utah and Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands.

He attended art classes at the UO after his discharge from the army.

For twelve years he was a part-time staff illustrator at the Oregon State Museum of Anthropology, the research division of the university’s Museum of Natural and Cultural History. He worked as a freelance graphic artist before developing a career painting birds.  McQueen has taught art and ornithology classes, including a session of Don Eckelberry’s summer workshop on bird painting at the Asa Wright Nature Center in Trinidad.  
(For purchase information,

contact the artist 

1.   Cliff Swallow Colony            
watercolor on paper          36×29    
$ 9,995
2.   Towhees in Blackberries         
w/c on paper                   29×21       
3.   Varied Thrush in Vine Maple  
acrylic on canvas             43×32      
4.   Wilson’s Warbler in Dogwood 
oil on art-board              27×18      
5.   Painted Redstart in Sycamore  
w/c on paper                  22×29        
6.   Eastern Kingbird in Willow     
oil on prepared paper        15×21      
7.   Spring Downy                         
w/c on paper                    11×17      
8.   Montezuma Quail                   
w/c on paper                     16×21      
9.   Short-tailed Albatross             
w/c on paper                      16×21      
10.  Vulture Roost                       
w/c on paper                      22×15      
11.  ‘Frost’ Robin                       
w/c on paper                      14×19        
12.  Yellow-throated Laughing-Thrushes
oil on prepared paper        15×20        
13. Evening Grosbeaks
 $2000                               16×20       


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