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April 14, 2008

Oregon Law Review Announces 2008-09 Student Publications

On April 11, 2008, the editors of the Oregon Law Review announced that the journal will publish six articles by Oregon Law students during the next academic year.   Those students are:  Rayth T. Myers (“Foreclosing on the Subprime Loan Crisis:  Why Current Regulations Are Flawed and What Is Needed to Stop Another Crisis From Occurring”); Adam J. Cohen (“Circumventing Fair Use:  How the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Restricts Fair Use, and What to Do About It”); J. Aaron Landau (“Damaging the Punitive Damages Doctrine:  The Troubling Due Process Implications of Philip Morris v. Williams“); Hannah V. Meisen-Vehrs (“Opening Medical Settlements for the Public Good:  Why Medical Cases Justify Secrecy in Settlement”); Chad T. Marriott (“A Four-Step Inquiry to Guide Judicial Review of Executive Privilege Disputes Between the Political Branches”); and Madeline Engel (“Unweaving the Dixon Blanket Rule:  Fiexible Treatment to Protect the Morally Innocent”).  Two alternates, Erika Danielle Norman (“Weak Overseas Protection for American Software Patents:  The Need for a Congressional Response to Microsoft Corp. v. AT&T Corp.) and Melissa E. Beyer (“MedImmune v. Genentech:  The Reform of Patent Declaratory Judgment Actions”), were also recognized.

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