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April 21, 2008

The Legality.com Increases Readership, Staff, Publishes First Professorial Article

The independent online journal published by Oregon Law students, theLegality.com, recently increased the size of its staff, announced its upcoming competition to add additional student members, attracted thousands of readers to an article about legal issues related to compulsory receipt checking, published its first piece by an Oregon Law professor, and has begun to provide its articles in audio format for the visually impaired.
The blog’s eight new members, all 2Ls, are:  Tom Borton, Edward S. Bushnell, Nick Caleb, John Deininger, Peter Fehrs, Jeff Hinman, Rachel Sowray, and Eric Wasik.  The open competition for additional new members will be held from May 10-17.
On April 13, a leading social networking site, stumbleupon.com featured 2L Steve Glista’s March 13 article titled, “Stop That Paying Customer!  The Legality of Compulsory Receipt Checking.” Subsequently, the blog received 7,000 hits.
On March 26, theLegality.com published its first professorial piece, by Professor Tom Lininger.  The article is titled “Confrontation as a Policy Issue for State Legislatures.”
Finally, the blog’s editors have announced that it will begin simultaneously publishing its main articles as an audio download.  This will permit access for the visually impaired, as well as downloads to personal media players. 


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