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April 28, 2009

Professor Michelle McKinley to Present Paper at 2009 Law & Humanities Junior Scholar Workshop

The 2009 Law & Humanities Junior Scholar Workshop has accepted a paper submission by Assistant Professor of Law and Wayne Morse Fellow Michelle McKinley. Assistant Professor Michelle McKinley

Professor McKinley will deliver her paper, “Cultural Culprits,” which is an excerpt from her larger project, Bringing in Outsiders: Cultural Citizenship in Refugee and Asylum Law, during the June 7-8 conference at the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C.

The workshop’s paper competition is open to untenured professors, advanced graduate students, and post-doctoral scholars in law and the humanities. Only seven papers were selected for inclusion at the workshop. Selected papers will appear in a special issue of the Legal Scholarship Network. The workshop is co-sponsored by the UCLA School of Law, Columbia Law School, University of Southern California Center for Law History & Culture, and Georgetown University Law Center.

The following papers will be presented at this year’s Law & Humanities Junior Scholar Workshop:

Cultural Culprits
Michelle A. McKinley
Assistant Professor
University of Oregon School of Law

Is Cyberprostitution Prostitution? New Paradigm, Old Crime
Brooke Campbell
Visiting Assistant Professor, Franklin Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Georgia, Institute for Women’s Studies

The Transformation of the Laws of War Into Humanitarian Law
Mark Antaki
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Law
McGill University

From Privacy to Liberty: Sharing After Lawrence
Thomas P. Crocker
Assistant Professor
University of South Carolina School of Law

Fast-Fish, Loose-Fish: How Whalemen, Lawyers, and Judges Created the British Property Law of Whaling
Robert C. Deal
PhD Candidate
Temple University

Impossible Voices: Human Rights, Bodily Remains, and the Injunction to Testify
Sonali Thakker
Doctoral Candidate, Trudeau Scholar/SSHRC Doctoral Fellow
Columbia University

Blackboard Jungle: Delinquency, Psychiatry, and the Bio-Politics of Brown
Anders Walker
Assistant Professor
Saint Louis University School of Law


Between Natural Law and Legal Positivism: Plato’’s Minos and the Nature of Law
Claire McCusker
Yale Law School

Law without the Law-Giver: Prospects for Legal Authority after a Crisis of Sovereignty
Amy Swiffen
PhD Candidate
Department of Sociology
University of Alberta

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