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April 30, 2009

Six Student Articles to be Published in 88th Volume of Oregon Law Review

The Oregon Law Review recently announced six student articles were selected for publication in next year’s 2009-10 volume. The students and their articles are:

Megan Yarnall: “Dueling Scientific Experts: Is Australia’s Hot Tub Method a Viable Solution for the American Judiciary?”

Daniel Kwak: “Death or Taxes: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the Resulting Need for a Carbon Tax”

Alison Torbitt: “Implementing Corporate Climate Change Responsibility: Possible State Legislative and SEC Responses to Climate Change through Corporation Law Reform”

Tracy Frazier: “Of Property and Procreation: Oregon’s Place in the National Debate over Frozen Embryo Disputes”

Chris Page: “These Statements Have not Been Approved by the FDA: Improving the Post-Approval Regulation of Prescription Drugs”

Erin Gould: “Read the Fine Print: A Critical Look at Oregon’s New Noncompete and Nonsolicitation Agreement Laws”

The following two articles were selected as alternates:

Rebekah Murphy: “Identifying Juvenile Incompetence: Oregon’s Need for a Juvenile Incompetency Statute to Protect the Dignity of the State’s Youngest Accused”

David Sherbo-Huggins: “Knock, Knock: The Fourth Amendment Lives on Campus Too”

The mission of the Oregon Law Review includes contributing to contemporary scholarship by publishing articles from recognized scholars, and providing extraordinary member students with a national stage for their legal writings.

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