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June 18, 2009

Oregon Law Announces Loan Repayment Assistance Program Recipients

Oregon Law is pleased to announce the names of three alumni who are the 2009 recipients of Oregon Law’s Loan Repayment Assistance Program (“LRAP”) stipends.

Pamela “Ela” Orenstein ’06 works at Greenlaw, a non-profit environmental law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. She focuses her efforts there on air quality and environmental justice. While at Greenlaw, Orenstein has been involved with landmark litigation resulting in the first court ruling to require stationary sources to evaluate carbon dioxide emissions. She also had the opportunity to participate in the creation and publishing of a community handbook titled, Putting the law to work in our communities: A citizen’s guide to environmental protection and justice in Georgia.

Sarah A. Peters ’06 is the legal and agency liaison for Wildlands CPR in Missoula, Montana. She focuses her work on protecting public lands from off-road (motorized) vehicle abuse. She coordinates a national legal campaign assisting activists and other attorneys in building a strong case if the need for later litigation arises. Peters researches and develops new and unique ways to protect public lands and identifies best fact patterns for testing new theories. In addition, she has been working on a project to address the growing problem of failing and unnecessary roads managed by the Forest Service with the goal of supporting their requests for money in the stimulus package for “shovel ready” projects.

Mark Olson ’06 is a deputy attorney general in the Criminal Appellate Division of the Idaho Attorney General’s office. The Criminal Appellate Division handles all appeals of criminal convictions to the Idaho Court of Appeals and Idaho Supreme Court. In addition, the Division works with state legislators on proposals and amendments to the Idaho criminal statutes.

LRAP is a program designed to help Oregon Law graduates entering the public service sector pay for their law loans. Many of today’s students graduate with high debt levels, making it difficult to accept lower paying public interest law jobs. The goal of LRAP is to provide these graduates with financial assistance for their law loans, thus helping them continue their public service.

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