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August 28, 2009

Wayne Morse Center Welcomes Resident Scholar Ted Toadvine

The Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics welcomes 2009-10 Resident Scholar Ted Toadvine. Professor Toadvine will take part in the first year of the center’s two-year inquiry into “Climate Ethics and Climate Equity.” Professor Ted Toadvine

Toadvine is an assistant professor in the University of Oregon’s Department of Environmental Students and Oregon Humanities Center. According to Professor Toadvine, framing environmental problems empirically ignores the inescapably normative and ethical dimensions that frame all such problems and that are essential for just and equitable policy responses. His project, “Ethics and Intrinsic Value in Environmental Problem-Solving: The Case of Global Climate Change,” proposes an interdisciplinary approach to environmental problems that includes the interpretive and normative contributions of the humanities as complementary to the natural and social sciences.

Wayne Morse Center resident scholars help frame the theme, advise the center on programs, and work on academic writings.

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