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September 3, 2009

Wayne Morse Center Announces 2009-10 Project Grant Recipients

Each year the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics sponsors events and scholarly activities of UO faculty members, students, and community groups. The grants supplement the activities of the Wayne Morse Center for the new thematic inquiry, “Climate Ethics and Climate Equity.”

UO Labor Education and Research Center (LERC)
“Equity and Green Jobs: Paving the Way for Worker Participation in Oregon’s Emerging Green Economy”
LERC will conduct organizing, training, and technical assistance to create a new network of low-income and worker advocates who can pursue a “green jobs agenda” in their communities. Participants will include key stakeholders in three rural Oregon communities. The project includes a collaborative meeting featuring a speaker from Green for All in Oakland, California.

UO Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation (JELL)
“Environment of Equality: Legal and Ethical Duties in a Changing Climate”
JELL will host a student-led symposium on September 11, 2009: “Environment of Equality: Legal and Ethical Duties in a Changing Climate.” Panelists will discuss current negotiations on climate change law, access to environmental justice, legal ethics and litigating on behalf of environmental refugees. The program includes Continuing Legal Education credits for Oregon attorneys.

UO Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI), Institute for a Sustainable Environment
“Junior Climate Stewards”
The Junior Climate Stewards program, a youth-focuses climate change program for schools will build on the successful Climate Master program to enhance youth awareness, knowledge, and skills pertaining to climate change. The program will focus on intergenerational equity and explore the ethic of stewardship.

UO Institute for Sustainability Education and Ecology (ISEE) and the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP)
Funds will support an ELP service-learning project that will bring together university students, community non-profit organizations, and area middle schools to raise awareness about equity, safety, and climate issues associated with student transportation to and from school.

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW)
ELAW will host the 2008 Goldman Prize winner Pablo Fajardo from Ecuador for an ELAW Fellowship. He will present several lectures for the university and community. Fajardo’s work holding multinational oil giants accountable for decades of polluting activities in the Ecuadorean Amazon has received worldwide attention.

Katie MacKendrick, UO graduate student in community and regional planning
Thesis: “American Indian Tribes and Climate Change Adaptation Planning”
Katie MacKendrick is working with the Coquille and the Hoopa Valley tribes and will discuss the implications of her research with these tribes and the UO community. Her research considers the ethical issues facing policymakers and tribes in climate change adaptation.

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