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December 9, 2009

3L Tim Ream Files “Dispatch” On His Personal Impressions of the Copenhagen Summit

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the University of Oregon or the University of Oregon School of Law.

Author’s Note: The following “dispatch” represents a quick snapshot of activities in Copenhagen at the climate summit. Activities are in a state of flux.

We won today. Very quick recap.

Last night South Africa announced fairly ambitious targets with a peak year in emissions as early as 2020. Russia announced that it wouldn’t sell its massive storehouse of gigatons of emissions credits that it was given as a bribe to join the Kyoto Protocol. U.S. EPA finally announced its endangerment finding making GHGs a pollutant under the Clean Air Act. France announced it wants to go to 30% reductions unilaterally without the use of offsets. Most African countries want to drop their target to 1.5 degrees. Most Latin American countries want to drop their target to 350 ppm. (Those last two haven’t yet been announced because they are not yet consensus positions.)

Lots of other good news likely in the works that I can’t yet talk about. Expect the unexpected. Help is on the way before the end of the week. Seriously.

Greenpeace hung banners off of the Canadian Parliament today. Our new Executive Director (former anti-apartheid campaigner from South Africa) handed over to the U.N. 10 million signatures of people around the world that want our climate protected. Our people gathered incredible intelligence. Gave interviews to dozens of media in a wide variety of languages around the world. Cajoled government officials. Bucked up our weaker allies. And schemed for many more good things to come.

Not bad for Day 1 of 11.

This is my first quiet moment since the alarm went off 16+ hours ago. Hours of meetings, hundreds of emails. Nonstoptalkinglisteningreadingwriting. Time to leave the office.

But I am not tired. I am ready for more.

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