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March 1, 2010

Political Science Professor Ron Mitchell Presents March 3 Fireside Conversation

Oregon Law’s Environmental and Natural Resources program, along with the Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center and the University of Oregon’s Environmental Studies program continues its “Crisis and Collaboration: Environmental Decision-Making in a Rapidly Changing Landscape” series of fireside conversations at 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 3, in the Knight Law Center’s fourth floor Lewis Lounge.

University of Oregon Political Science Professor and core member of the Environmental Studies program Ron Mitchell will present, “Changing the Trajectories of Population, Affluence, and Technology.”

Here is what Professor Mitchell has to say about his presentation:

“The ability of society globally to address climate change by reducing emissions will depend on how — and how well — we manage growth in population, growth in affluence, and growth in our technologies. At present, growth in the first two of these — and our failure to manage them effectively — is creating significant ‘inertia’ that makes reducing greenhouse gas emissions particularly daunting. Although technological improvements are necessary aspects of managing greenhouse gas emissions, an exclusive dependence on such improvements seem unlikely to be sufficient to manage the problem. Existing strategies for changing the trajectories of population and affluence will be discussed, as well as the obstacles to adopting such strategies.”

Professor Mitchell’s research interests include environmental politics and international relations. He currently is completing two research projects. The first involves development of a database of all multilateral environmental treaties and the application of quantitative methods to associated data to examine the effects these treaties have on the behavior of states and non-state actors. The second, with colleagues at Harvard University, examines the conditions under which environmental science influences international policymaking.

This event is free and open to all members of the university community.

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