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September 13, 2010

Attorney Charles Valauskas to Speak on eDistribution Tools September 21

Charles Valauskas, from the intellectual property firm of Valauskas & Pine in Chicago, will visit the University of Oregon to discuss, “Books and Other Content in the 21st Century: The trials and Tribulations of eDistribution Tools” at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 21, in the Knight Library Browsing Room.

Valauskas, an expert on technological and intellectual property topics, will discuss the recent development of a wide variety of systems, many of them created in the academic environment, for improving the distribution of content that previously was available only in analog form. Given these new systems, the law has changed in order to facilitate the new distribution schemes. One result is that electronic contracts have become ubiquitous.

Valauskas’s presentation will describe the role that academic institutions have played in making the electronic distribution of content possible. The presentation also will provide an overview of the Google Library Project and the current status of the settlement of the lawsuits filed against Google because of it. According to the Register of the Copyright Office, the settlement “could affect the exclusive rights of millions of copyright owners, in the United States and abroad, with respect to their abilities to control new products and new markets, for years and years to come.” The presentation will also offer some guidance on how to eDistribute content now.

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