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October 4, 2010

Wayne Morse Center Announces 2011-2013 Theme, Morse Chair Occupants

“Capitalism and the Common Good” will be the 2011-2013 theme of inquiry the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics recently announced.

The financial crisis of 2008 brought attention to critiques of 21st century capitalism and the world’s economic future. This theme will explore approaches to modifying the U.S. capitalist system to make it more just, stable, and sustainable. Discussion will focus on fundamental issues and regulatory reforms. How should markets be constrained? What is needed for an environmentally sustainable system? How can we reduce the risk of future financial crises? What can we learn from other economies regarding a social safety net? What are the roles of communities and regions?

Occupants of the Wayne Morse Chair of Law and Politics will lead the inquiry. In 2011-12, law scholar Keith Aoki, a professor at the UC Davis School of Law, will teach a law class titled, “Competition, Innovation and Capitalism,” and convene a symposium on labor and immigration.

In 2012-13, noted author Robert Kuttner will co-teach a political science class and deliver a series of lectures on “Capitalism and the Common Good,” including the financial crisis and regulatory reforms, the politics of regulating capitalism, and globalization and a just society.

The Wayne Morse Center also will convene events during winter 2012 exploring the feminist critique of capitalism, and sponsor an Oregon Historical Commission photography exhibit titled, “Dorothea Lange in Oregon, 1939.”

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