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March 17, 2011

Professors to present at Colonies and Postcolonies of Law Conference March 18

University of Oregon School of Law Assistant Professors Michael Fakhri and Michelle McKinley will be presenting at the Colonies and Postcolonies of Law Conference Friday, March 18, at Princeton University.

Organized by the history department at Princeton University, scholars of law, history, anthropology, and political science will discuss the relationship between law and colonialism. The conference itself will focus on law as a site of constant negotiation, which produced new forms of bureaucracy and documentation practices.

Professor Fakhri will discuss his work regarding the 1937 International Sugar Agreements (ISA) in a panel titled “Law, Capital, and the Global Order.” It will center on Cuba’s principal commodity and how Cuban elite used economic doctrines of the League of Nations and the 1937 ISA to regulate the global sugar market and buttress domestic institutions. Professor McKinley will be a discussant on a panel “Border Crossings.”

Sub themes of the conference include “Defining Legality: Criminals, Outlaws and Rebels,” “Private Lives and Public Law,” “Constructing and Crossing Borders,” and “Law and Capital.” The keynote address will be given by Professor Lauren Benton from New York University on “Justice by Despots: Patterns of Imperial Legal Politics.” The conference is open to the public.

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