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November 11, 2011

Law Library remodeling based on student feedback

The University of Oregon School of Law’s John E. Jaqua Law Library is remodeling its third and fourth floors, but is first inviting and listening to student input.

Twenty-one ranges of shelving will be removed from the floors and new tables and carrels will be added to enhance study space. The library’s goal is for each student to have enough writing surface space, ergonomic support, privacy and access to electricity and light.

“Our goal is provide as much high density quiet study as possible, using all available space, and matching the quality and durability that we have in existing furnishings,” said Law Library Director Mary Ann Hyatt.

In order to ensure the remodel is a success, Hyatt and her team are conducting focus groups with School of Law students to determine how and where they study best. The results will guide the remodel into making the Law Library environment more effective for disparate study styles.

“Our law students love to study in the law library,” Hyatt noted. “They need quiet and room to spread out with laptop in front of them, their textbook beside them and the statutes on the other side.”

The renovation is projected to cost about $200,000. The library’s goal is to fund much of the project through private philanthropy.

Hyatt added that an investment in the Law Library is an investment in the School of Law’s faculty and students and in the broader community.

“Our teaching services and collections encourage exploration and research and contribute to advancements in the law and legal systems. Supporting the law library also benefits the larger community. We welcome all visitors including local attorneys and members of the public, and provide vital access to legal information,” she said.

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