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February 16, 2012

Public Policy Facilitation Training takes place Feb. 17, 18, 25

The Conflict Dispute and Resolution Program (CRES) and the National Policy Consensus Center (NPCC)/Oregon Consensus will host a public policy facilitation training on Friday, Feb. 17; Saturday, Feb. 18; and Saturday, Feb. 25.

The Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Center, CRES and the NPCC developed a public policy, collaborative governance internship track for students interested in environmental/public policy dispute resolution. After the three-day training sessions, students are eligible to be placed on actual projects around the state of Oregon.

The projects involve a range of cases including: land use disputes, resource management and economic development. In addition, students will have experience with multiple parties as they engage in public decision-making about critical issues that have environmental, economic and social implications.

Throughout its four years, the program has been very successful in helping students learn in a real world setting and experiencing all aspects of facilitation process design and implementation at a public level. After law student Claire Turpel completed her internship, NPCC hired her and later Triangle Associates in Seattle, an environmental/public policy facilitation firm, hired Turpel.

The program generates benefits to the project managers, the communities involved and the students. Further, the program contributes to capacity development of the public policy conflict resolution field.

For more information about the public policy facilitation training, contact CRES Program Manager Anna Shamble at ashamble@uoregon.edu.

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