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May 7, 2012

Fall 2012 Undergraduate Classes Announced

The University of Oregon School of Law has announced its undergraduate course offerings for the fall 2012 academic term. Class registration begins Monday, May 21. Whether students are planning on attending law school or not, legal education as a part of their degree is an asset that can improve job performance and career opportunities.

The fall term 2012 course offerings are: Oregon Law Classroom

Law and Film
LAW 410. 4 credits. CRN 17638. Class Enrollment Cap: 100.
Thursdays 4:30-7:20, Knight Law Center 175
Forrest Reynolds

Introduction to Criminal Law
LAW 199. 4 credits. CRN 17639. Class Enrollment Cap: 100.
Monday/Wednesday 9:00–10:50, Knight Law Center 175
Margie Paris

Philosophy of Law
LAW 410. 4 Credits. CRN 17997. Class Enrollment Cap: 100
Monday/Wednesday 11:00 – 12:50, Knight Law Center 110
Cheyney Ryan

Introduction to Conflict Resolution
CRES 199
Carly Brynelsen

Justice, Reconciliation, & Community
CRES 410/510
Cheyney Ryan

Values in Conflict (I/O)
CRES 410/510
Nathaline Frener

Conflict & Gender
CRES 410/510
Diane Baxter

Ethics in Sports
CRES 410/510
Peg Brand

Sports Conflict & Gender
CRES 410/510
Peg Brand

Conflict in Sports Teams
CRES 410/510
Joshua Gordon

Football and Conflict
CRES 410/510
Ken Pendleton

Introduction to Sports Conflict
CRES 410/510
Ken Pendleton


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