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June 1, 2012

Life as a Law Student

A Day in the Life of Sims Ely '12

Prior to graduating from Oregon Law on May 19, the 2011-12 Student Bar Association President, Sims Ely recorded a day in his life through photographs. Take a look at his slideshow below

Sims Ely, 36, originally from Nevada City, California, will earn his law degree from the University of Oregon School of Law on May 19, 2012. While attending Oregon Law, Ely was also a concurrent MBA degree student at the UO Lundquist College of Business.

Ely was living in Oregon and remembers choosing Oregon Law because he wanted to stay in state.

“Of the three law schools in Oregon, I was by far the most impressed with the University of Oregon School of Law,” he said.

While attending Oregon Law, Ely was most inspired by Honorable Judge Lauren S. Holland, the Circuit Court Judge for whom he externed during his second summer of law school.

“She was fair, disciplined, and wise. She showed me how the law is based on humans interacting with other humans, and that kindness, respect, and love will always invaluably add their weight to the scales of Justice.”

Although Ely notes that the most challenging experience while attending law school was learning how to stay well-balanced, he recognizes that his Oregon Law degree is not only special to him, but something that cannot be found anywhere else.

“After many conversations with my peers at other law schools, I have come to realize just how lucky I am to have attended Oregon Law. The culture and learning environment here can’t be replicated elsewhere”

Earning a degree from the University of Oregon School of Law is a great accomplishment. This law school is part of one of the nation’s leading research universities and, based on reputation, is the top ranked school in the state of Oregon, and the second in the Pacific Northwest. It also has four nationally top- ranked specialty programs in which students learn and prosper from the highly qualified faculty that work within them. Oregon Law lets students thrive in its close-knit community and encourages students to make the school their second home.

Ely’s proudest achievement while attending Oregon Law was organizing a joint presentation between the Cascade Raptor Center and the Law School, where the Raptor Center brought hawks, falcons, and owls to the law school to promote awareness of the North American Migratory Bird Act of 1919. Local media presented the story on the news.

Aside from dedicating time to his studies, Ely also excelled in his extracurricular activities. He served as President of the Student Bar Association, as member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Council, on the Boards of Directors for the Public Interest Public Service I Group, and Law & Entrepreneurship Student Association, and as a member of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund.

After graduation, Ely plans to open his own law practice in a town where, according to Ely, he can snowboard, motorcycle, and jump horses.

“I plan to work for myself at some point, practicing law and consulting small businesses. By earning my joint JD/MBA while at Oregon Law, I believe that I’ll be in a good position to follow my dreams.”

In addition to his parents, Ely would like to thank his parents’ friends, Steve Spiller, Charlie Compton, and Allan Haley, who practiced law in his hometown. They inspired him and supported him along his journey at Oregon Law. He says that while growing up, they were great role models and made him see the more humane side of law.

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