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February 22, 2013

Kate Coy selected for Oregon State Legislature Internship

Oregon Law graduate student in Conflict and Dispute Resolution (CRES) Kate Coy was recently selected for a prestigious Oregon State Legislature internship. 

The internship, which began in January and ends in June 2013, will be a direct link for Coy to learn how governance works. “I will be able to get to know the issues, what’s important and what people are talking about,” said Coy.

Coy became involved with internships after one year in the CRES program. “Everything I learned in the program helped me land an internship with the United Nations (U.N.) in 2012,” said Coy. From there, the U.N. inspired her to get more politically involved. “When I was in the U.N., I started to have a greater appreciation for politics,” explained Coy. “I think the U.N. got me thinking about it. An email came out with the opportunity at the Oregon State Legislature, and I thought it was a good one.”

Coy honed valuable skills at the U.N. that will benefit her within this new venture. The work proved difficult and fulfilling.  “It’s an unparalleled sort of experience where you have leaders of every nation having a conversation,” said Coy. “I learned a lot everyday- it was really eye-opening.”

Within the State Legislature internship, Coy serves on the Business Committee, which encompasses multiple branches including health and senate business. She is the right-hand person for the chairman at committee meetings where they work on non-partisan projects for the people. “This is really important in Oregon because everything has to be done through committees- it’s a critical part of the process,” explains Coy. Other duties include researching and dividing bills by type, talking with the public, writing summaries to go into public records and seeing bills to their success or demise.

Coy thanked the team at the CRES program for all of their consistent help.  “You’re in graduate school and you really have to maximize the opportunities that you have, it’s already been worth it,” said Coy, “I wanted to express my gratitude for the opportunities available within this program.” 

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