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June 17, 2013

Alumnus Chuck Wolfe ’84 authors e-book on urban social interaction

Chuck Wolfe '84 recently wrote an e-book, "Urbanism Without Effort," discussing how people interact with their urban environment. This interaction is a key influence for successful urban planning. Wolfe is no stranger to urbanism, having presented lectures on sustainable cities and contributes regularly to several city publications. 

"Urbanism Without Effort" explores the idea that creating sustainable urban areas requires the knowledge of what happens when people naturally congregate within those areas. "A great example is the alley movie night in Madrona, where my neighbors get together because somebody decided it was a good idea to put a screen up on a wall in a drive way cut," said Wolfe in an interview with the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce. "Urbanism without effort just happens."

Drawing on his professional experiences, Wolfe offers the reader compelling case stories on everyday urban life. He argues that successful community makes humans feel happy, creating environments where they can coexist in a mutually supportive way. "I think the idea is: remember these human fundamentals," Wolfe told the Daily Journal of Commerce. "Don't make the jump to a catchy concept without some foundation."

urbanismThe e-book provides contemporary urban writing and rich illustrations from real life. "The basic answer, and what I am hoping people get out of this book, is that I am encouraging people to act with a little more depth, foresight and hindsight than they usually do." Wolfe currently resides in Seattle, Washington, where he practices land use law and serves as an affiliate professor at the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington.

Wolfe's e-book can be found at urbanismwithouteffort.com

Read Wolfe's complete interview with the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce.

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