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September 19, 2013

Dave Frohnmayer appointed to prestigious Lincoln Project

UO Law professor, president emeritus to examine challenges facing higher ed

University of Oregon law professor and president emeritus Dave Frohnmayer recently was named to the executive committee for The Lincoln Project , an initiative of the prestigious American Academy of Arts & Sciences1 frohnaward.png

The project, which was announced earlier this year, is a public education advocacy effort. The Lincoln Project examines and assesses the current challenges facing higher education, including cutbacks in government support, competition from for-profit education providers and foreign universities, and emerging technological changes.

"I am honored to be given the chance to engage in this important dialogue and to promote the importance of higher education and its research mission," Frohnmayer said. "The public university system is integral to a democratic society and its advancement."

Frohnmayer's three-year appointment begins with the project's first meeting on October 9 in Cambridge, Mass. The Lincoln Project is chaired by Robert J. Birgeneau from the University of California, Berkeley and Mary Sue Coleman from the University of Michigan. The project also engages state and federal policymakers, elected officials, university and business leaders, philanthropists and, ultimately, the broader public.

The Lincoln Project is named for President Abraham Lincoln to commemorate his role in signing in 1862 the Morrill Act, which laid the groundwork for the nation’s unparalleled public university system.

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