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March 3, 2014

Noah Chamberlain ’10 teaches Mediation skills course

The University of Oregon Law School is proud to offer an extensive list of skills courses focusing on a variety of legal topics. This year's Mediation course, which examines the fundamentals and practice of mediation, is being taught by recent alumnus Noah Chamberlain.

The course allows students to gain proficiency in using the tools, skills and concepts essential to being effective in assisting in the settlement of a dispute or controversy between parties.

Chamberlain graduated from Oregon Law in 2010 with a J.D. and M.S. in Conflict and Dispute Resolution. During his time at Oregon, Chamberlain researched best practices in court-connected mediation and served as a small claims court mediator volunteer.

Chamberlain is currently a Mediation Coach and Adjunct Instructor at the School of Law.

"I am looking forward to this teaching opportunity to stay connected with the UO community. I am a practitioner at heart, but also look forward to engaging students about areas of mediation that I am passionate about. I've been mediating cases since 2008 and it is amazing to have the opportunity to share my experiences with students," Chamberlain said. "It is a rewarding experience if I can help future attorneys prepare for being mediators or working in mediation as advocates for their clients."

Mediation 610 is offered in Spring 2014 along with an optional weekend mediation certification class for current law students.

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