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June 9, 2014

Environmental Law Fellows announced

The Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center recently announced the rising 2L and 3L students who have been appointed ENR Fellows for the 2014-2015 academic year.

After receiving a record number of applicants this year, the ENR Center offered fellowships to 25 students through a competitive application process. Through project development work and substantive research and writing, the law student fellows listed below will take on real-world environmental problems in each of the interdisciplinary projects listed below.

Students appointed as Bowerman and David Brower Fellows receive a $7,000 stipend in support of their work on ENR's interdisciplinary projects. These fellowships fund groundbreaking and innovative student research, furthering the student's knowledge, careers, and fields of practice while providing real legal analysis for today's environmental conflicts.

Conservation Trust Project
Kelsey Estabrook, 2L
Rance Shaw, 2L, Bowerman Fellow (Natural Resources Damages)
Gordon Levitt, 3L, Bowerman Fellow (Public Trust Model Code)

Energy Law and Policy Project
Ravi Parikh, 2L
Lauren Bernton, 2L
Maggie Boberg, 3L
Jordan Bailey, 3L, Bowerman Fellow (Energy Storage)
Andrew Mulkey, 2L, Bowerman Fellow (Clean Air Act 111(d))

Food Resiliency Project
Katie Carey, 2L
Amanda Martino, 2L
Emily Knobbe, 3L

Global Environmental Democracy Project
Nicole Budine, 2L
Ashley Carter, 3L, Bowerman Fellow (Environmental Justice)

Native Environmental Sovereignty Project
Erika Gibson, 3L
Anne Haugaard, 2L

Ocean Coasts and Watersheds Project
Tori Wilder, 2L
Andree Phelps, 2L
Jill Randolph, 2L
Malia Losordo, 3L, National Science Foundation Funded Fellow (Willamette Water 2100) 
Kristina Kraaz, 3L, Bowerman Fellow (Willamette Water 2100)
Alexandra Hoffman, 2L, Oregon Sea Grant Fellow (Ecosystem-Based Management)

Sustainable Land Use Project
Rory Isbell, 2L
Eric Trotta, 2L
Wes Knoll, 3L, Eugene Water and Electric Board Fellow (Riparian Buffers)

Environmental Conflict Resolution
Sahra Yusuf, LL.M.

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