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Family Law in World Community

Spring 2014 • LAW 610 • Credits: 3

Instructor: Merle Weiner

This course is highly recommended for anyone who plans to practice family law. In today’s interconnected world, a competent attorney must be able to use international treaties and law to benefit clients. The course examines family law topics from a transnational, international, or comparative perspective. Students will explore the application of various international instruments, including treaties and conventions, to transnational family law issues such as child custody (particularly international child abduction and child support collections). Students will also use international law to evaluate states’ practices regarding family violence and reproductive freedom and explores the usefulness of public international law as a remedy for clients. Finally, students will compare various countries’ legal approaches to topics such as the regulation of marriage, support of children, reproductive issues, assisted reproduction child-rearing practices, and children’s rights.

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