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Conflict and Dispute Resolution graduate program commencement ceremony is June 15

The commencement ceremony for the University of Oregon School of Law Master’s Degree Program in Conflict and Dispute Resolution (CRES) will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday, June 15, in the Wayne Morse Commons of the Knight Law Center, 1515 Agate St. in Eugene.

The two-year CRES program works to educate its students in handling disputes, conflict and decision-making. Graduates continue on to pursue careers in various occupations.

The ceremony will recognize the academic achievements of 23 graduates.

Outgoing CRES Program Director Tim Hicks and Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center Faculty Director Jennifer Reynolds will open the ceremony followed by the City of Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy and student speakers Mary Ann Christian and Brian Law.

Hicks will briefly speak to each student’s achievements and post-graduation plans before presenting them with a diploma cover and commencement gift, including the following quotation:

“I applaud this school, and the people who made this program come into being in this school, and the students in it, and the people who teach it. You are some of the first in our nation to begin to see that we have to take another path…The path is made by walking and so you begin to take the step, and then the next step unfold.” – Sister Helen Prejean

Faculty Conversations about Student Fellowships

April 17, 2014

Dear Oregon Law Faculty, Staff, and Students,

These are challenging times at every law school in the country, and the past several days have been particularly stressful for many of us in the Oregon Law community. I believe that we can, at this point, move forward most productively by focusing on a commitment we share: enhancing the professional success of our students.

As many of you know, at last Friday’s faculty meeting, a group of faculty members raised an idea related to enhancing funding for student fellowships. They introduced a motion asking me to explore with the Provost whether a portion of the funds the university planned to provide to underwrite faculty raises could, instead, be used to fund student fellowships over the coming years. I am certain the motivations underlying the substance of this inquiry were selfless and admirable, and I commend our faculty for their creativity.

The proposal prompted vigorous debate. Given the importance of the issues and the circumstances, the presence of heartfelt divergent viewpoints was entirely understandable. However, the conversation quickly escalated. And unfortunately, it moved into forums that are less conducive to the productive assessment of proposals or candid dialogue among colleagues.

As I told the faculty earlier this week, I inquired with the Provost about the possibility of reallocating faculty salary increase funds in this way. The Provost expressed his appreciation for the motivations underlying the request but made it clear that the dollars coming from the University to the law school for faculty compensation this year cannot be diverted for a different use.

This particular avenue is not open. But our shared institutional commitment to supporting our students’ professional success remains as strong as ever, if not stronger. I have heard a number of new, creative ideas from faculty members in the past couple days, and I am confident that our collective energies and passions will lead us in positive directions.

To our students: The faculty and staff of this law school are committed to you. We are in this with you. And we will do everything we can to help you be successful.


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