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Summer Funding Opportunities through the Oregon State Bar

The Oregon State Bar’s Diversity and Inclusion Department (DI) is now accepting applications for its summer employment programs.  These programs are NOT restricted to ethnic minority students.

Clerkship Stipend Program

Application deadline: February 1, 2012


  • Not restricted to ethnic minority students.
  • Summer clerkship with any type of legal employer, so long as your supervisor is an attorney.
  • DI matches employer-paid wages @ up to $7/hour; each student can receive up to $3,360 in DI matching funds. Total student wages are typically $14-15/hour.
  • To learn more about the Clerkship Stipend Program, visit: http://www.osbar.org/diversity/programs.html.
  • Apply by mail, email, or fax directly to the OSB.

Public Honors Fellowship

Application deadline: January 27, 2012  

Note: applications for these fellowships must be emailed to the Career Center. Do not apply directly to the OSB.

The Public Honors Fellowship, explained below, is guaranteed for two Oregon Law 2Ls. In past years, Oregon Law had an insufficient number of applicants and the money went unused. Take advantage of this great opportunity for a $4,800 stipend to work for a public interest employer.


  • Not restricted to ethnic minority students.
  • For students interested in public interest / public entity summer clerkships.
  • DI provides six $4,800 stipends for public interest clerkships and one $5000 for a public interest environmental clerkship (in partnership with the ABA).
  • The application for both types of Public Honors fellowships is the same. Please specify which fellowship you are applying for in the application essay.
  • To learn more about the Public Honors Fellowship, visit: http://www.osbar.org/diversity/programs.html.

Each program runs for the summer only.  Selected students must secure their own employment.  Most recipients secure their employment after applying, during the spring semester or early summer.


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