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Patent Law Interview Programs

Students interested in intellectual property, particularly those with undergraduate engineering or science degrees, should consider participating in one of the national or regional Intellectual Property Job Fairs. Here are three that may be of particular interest:

The American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) Job Fair, held in Washington, DC, during the AIPLA annual meeting (in October in 2011; TBA in 2012). You must be a student member ($25) to access the online job fair information and participate. 2012 information should be available in July. http://www.aipla.org

Loyola University Chicago School of Law’s Annual Patent Law Interview Program in Chicago, August 2-3 (see information below). Apply online between February 13 and March 5.

The San Francisco Intellectual Property Law Association (SFIPLA) holds its annual Job Fair in the Bay Area in August. Check http://www.sfipla.com/job.html periodically; last year student information was available in May.

Loyola Patent Law Interview Program

This event is for 1Ls and 2Ls, as well as for 3Ls who will pursue an LL.M. in Intellectual Property next year.

Last year roughly 100 employers, 180 law schools, and 1,600 law students from across the country participated in the program. The program is entirely pre-selected; students submit resumes and choose the employers they are interested in, and employers then review the resumes of interested students and select the students they will interview. Last year, approximately half of the participating students were selected for interviews.

Students with undergraduate or graduate degrees in engineering or a technical science should consider registering for the program. You do not need to be patent bar eligible to register, although the vast majority of employers participating in the program are seeking patent bar eligible students. For more information on the program, refer to http://www.luc.edu/law/career/patent_students.html.

Online student registration for this year’s Patent Law Interview Program began on Monday, February 13, and will close on Monday, March 5. Use the “Register Now” link on the program’s web page. At this stage of registration, you will only need to enter some basic information; you will upload your resume and bid on interviews later in the semester. Note that our school is listed alphabetically as University of Oregon School of Law on the registration form’s drop down menu of law schools.

There is a non-refundable $35 dollar registration fee which must be paid by credit card to complete your online registration. You may be able to recover some of your costs for attending this program through the Career Center, but you must complete a Student Reimbursement Request form and submit it to the Career Center BEFORE attending the Career Fair. Go to My Law: Career Center, Forms.

Please direct any questions about the program to Kay Bailey. Please do not contact Loyola directly.


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