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March 20, 2012

Summer Writing: A Building Block for Future Job Searches

No matter what arrangements you have made for this coming summer, you should plan to practice your legal writing and create a work product that will serve as a writing sample in the fall. This piece explains three ways to have a writing sample ready by summer’s end. [Read more.]

March Madness: Oregon Law 3Ls & LLMs Compete to Win

Third-year and LLM students: our March promotion is for you and you alone. The deadline is
March 23. [Read more.]

Networking in Portland: Reflections

In the Spring of 2011, I spent a semester as an extern in Portland. [Read more.]

The Career Path Less Traveled

As much as we’d all like the fairy tale job story to be our reality, the truth is, the fairy tale is rarely the common experience. Getting creative in finding work can be daunting, but very rewarding. In this first article of a series on job hunting, Jim Miner, General Counsel for Western Construction, and Mackenzie Hogan, an associate with Harris & Bowker, share their unique career paths using temporary staffing agencies. [Read more.]

Business Cards

Many students like to have business cards to exchange with professionals they meet at events. [Read more.]

Reciprocity Basics for 3Ls and LLMs

This piece describes some options for accessing job listings in other areas of the country. Most of these focus on graduate job listings. [Read more.]

Alternative Careers: Looking to the Main Campus

The Symplicity job database and Career Advisor available through the Career Center web page are not the only electronic resources students ought to explore. For instance, the main campus Spring Career Fair will be held on April 18, and this article includes details on how to participate. [Read more.]

Upcoming Networking Opportunities

Taking advantage of these networking opportunities can help you achieve your professional goals. [Read more.]

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