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Reciprocity Basics for 3Ls and LLMs

This piece describes some options for accessing job listings in other areas of the country. Most of these focus on graduate job listings.

  • By requesting reciprocity through our office, you can ask permission from other law schools to view their online listings or to visit their offices. (Schools in popular areas, such as California, often require that you receive reciprocity from only one area school.) You must request reciprocity through our office before you visit another area; other schools will not accommodate you if you haven’t yet gone through the process. Send email to Sabrina and request up to three schools in order of priority.
  • We are part of a consortium of law schools in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah. The reciprocity process is much more informal among these schools. If you’re interested in job listings in these areas, go to MyLaw, Career Center, Northwest Reciprocity, for instructions.
  • We participate in BYU’s Intercollegiate Job Bank, a compilation of graduate jobs newsletters from many law schools. Not all schools participate, but since we do, you can access the newsletters at https://www.law2.byu.edu/career_services/jobbank (user name: jobfind; password: ijbank). Please do not share this password information with anyone outside our school.

If you have questions, please come by the Career Center.


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