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Summer Writing: A Building Block for Future Job Searches

No matter what arrangements you have made for this coming summer, you should plan to practice your legal writing and create a work product that will serve as a writing sample in the fall. This piece explains three ways to have a writing sample ready by summer’s end.

1. If you have lined up a paid position or externship, be proactive. Seek out assignments that will require in-depth written analysis. Ask for detailed feedback on your writing and then take the time to revise your work. Finally, request permission to use the piece as a writing sample to support your future applications.

2. If you will be taking law school classes, consider also pursuing a research assistant position that will require you to write. Once you secure that opportunity, you can follow the advice spelled out above.

3. Every student should carefully examine the comments that professors have written on recent papers. Make sure you understand what your professor advised and why she made each recommendation. Then revise your paper to incorporate her comments; in the process, you will improve your writing and editing skills while you polish the document for potential use as a writing sample.


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