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3Ls: Searching for a Postgraduate Job

Just like in past years, many 3Ls will continue to look for postgraduate opportunities after commencement. Remember that the Career Center and all its resources remain available to you after graduation. Read on for tips and inspiration.

Things to Do while Studying for the Bar Exam

  1. Revisit, revise, and refresh your resumes and cover letters. Application materials need to be tailored, so having more than one version of each kind of document will help you keep your career options open.
  2. Visit the Career Center. We are here to support you. We can help you polish your materials; practice phone, Skype, and in-person interviews; generate a list of networking contacts; and develop a strategy for approaching contacts.
  3. Stay Connected. Maintain relationships with your professors, peers, past employers, and other contacts. Let professors know about your plans; they can offer information, advice, and connections. Reminding past employers and networking contacts that you are graduating and are excited to start work can lead to new opportunities.
  4. Take Advantage of Your Study Breaks. You cannot – and should not – study around the clock. Use your breaks to check job postings, research employers, network, and apply.

Things to Do after the Bar Exam

  1. Actively search. Some employers will not hire until after the bar exam results are out, but others will. Respond to job postings and network. Become familiar with the state and local bar associations; use those organizations and their events to meet practitioners in the geographic and practice areas that interest you.
  2. Volunteer. Pro bono legal work will help you stay engaged, sharpen your skills, demonstrate commitment to your field, and network. Contact your local legal aid office, public defender’s office, district attorney, or other organization of interest and ask about opportunities to volunteer. In Oregon, use http://orprobonostudent.net (contact the Career Center for the password). In other states, contact the state bar. Note: You may be able to appear in court as a certified “student” before the bar exam results. Look into the rule in your jurisdiction.
  3. For additional information, refer to these resources on MyLaw in the Making Connections Section under Career Center: Graduate Job Seeker’s Checklist and Post-Bar Exam Job Search Fundamentals.


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