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Summer Access to Lexis and Westlaw

Special rules apply to the use of your Lexis and Westlaw passwords over the summer.

While you are taking classes (including over the summer), you may use your passwords only for “academic purposes.” This generally includes (but is not necessarily limited to) these activities:

  • class preparation and assignments
  • research associated with moot court or a law journal
  • research associated with pursuing a grant or scholarship
  • service as a research assistant to a professor (paid or unpaid)
  • an unpaid internship, externship, or clinic for school credit

Do not use your Lexis or Westlaw access while completing work for a law firm (whether or not the employer requests that you do so). Doing so would violate the terms and conditions you have agreed to; by using your access for “commercial purposes,” you risk forfeiture of your access. If your employer asks you to use your school ID, please explain that you cannot do so. Please also notify us so we can discuss this issue with the employer.

If you have any questions or need to sign up for summer access, please contact your Lexis and Westlaw representatives.

Summer Use for Graduating and Continuing Students

In addition to the activities listed above, continuing and graduating students can receive summer access to improve their research skills; graduating students can also use it to prepare for the bar exam.

Continuing Students: You must sign up for summer access. Westlaw: a link for requesting summer extension will be visible after you log in. Lexis: check the email from your representative, which includes a link for registering.

Graduating Students: Westlaw: access will expire after May 31, but you can request an extension for five hours in June and five hours in July (the time need not be consecutive; you can use it minutes at a time). Lexis: register for Lexis Advance™.

Summer Use for Graduates and Continuing Students Doing Public Interest Work

The Lexis ASPIRE (Associates Serving Public Interests Research) program allows “qualified graduates” and continuing students to conduct online research while pursuing verifiable public interest work (direct work for nonprofit or charitable organization). This program does not cover government work (even if unpaid); law firm work (even if representing a nonprofit organization); solo practice (even if representing a nonprofit organization); or pro bono work that is not nonprofit or charitable. See www.LexisNexis.com/aspire for more information.

Job Search Access for Graduates

Both Lexis and Westlaw allow graduates who are searching for work to access their career libraries. The career libraries allow graduates to research law firms, government agencies, public interest organizations, and corporations online.


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