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June 19, 2012

New Systems to Improve Your Job Search Experiences and Results

We are excited to announce a few developments in our office. These changes will help you access our resources conveniently and will help us be efficient and effective. [Read more.]

Your Fall Job Search

Now is the time to begin preparing for your fall job search, during which you will explore summer and post-graduation professional opportunities. [Read more.]

Fall 2012 On-Campus Interview Program

Each fall, about forty employers interview on our campus.  Most of these employers are medium to large law firms. But participating employers also include some public service organizations and a general counsel’s office as well. Many 2Ls and some 3Ls will interview with one or more employers through the program this fall. Plan to apply for on-campus interviews if you think you might be interested in these kinds of employers or the work they do. You may be surprised by how appealing the work seems once you research the employers. Plus, applying for these opportunities will help you prepare to apply for others that arise later. [Read more.]

What You Have Heard about On-Campus Interviews May Not Be True

We have heard about some interesting rumors and half-truths circulating among students. Do not let misinformation dissuade you from participating or impair your performance in the on-campus recruiting process. Learn the truth about this valuable program so that you can make the most of it. [Read more.]

Tips on Applying to Large Law Firms Outside of Oregon
by Ryan Nebel, Class of 2012

Those desiring post-graduation employment with large law firms should apply for a summer associate position with the firms they want to join. Most large firms hire entry-level associates through their summer associate programs. If the firms you are interested in do not recruit on campus at Oregon Law, you can apply directly. Getting to know some lawyers at the firm before you apply can help your application stand out. [Read more.]

Attention 3Ls: Public Interest Post-Graduate Fellowship Deadlines Are Approaching

Both the Skadden and Equal Justice Works fellowship opportunities require you to partner with a sponsoring organization before you apply. Act now. [Read more.]

Upcoming Networking Opportunities

Taking advantage of networking opportunities like the ones in this article can help you achieve your professional goals. [Read more.]

Career Center Library

The Career Center maintains a library of books offering guidance and career development ideas that students and graduates may borrow. Some of the available titles appear in this article. Come by and check out a book or two. [Read more.]

Understanding Symplicity, the Oregon Law Job Database

Symplicity is the Oregon Law job database. It includes job postings that may be of particular interest to our students and alumni. [Read more.]

Symplicity Hints

(deadlines, job blasts, job search agents, favorites) [Read more]

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