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Attention 1Ls: The Time to Start Investigating and Preparing for Professional Opportunities Is Approaching

All first-year law students are enrolled in our new career exploration and professional planning course this year.  Students will learn more about that course during the first (and only) mandatory class meeting on November 2, 1-4 pm.  

The Career Center staff is looking forward to partnering with each member of the first-year class to create a customized professional development strategy after November 2.  But students don't have to wait until November 2 to start fulfilling the course requirements:

Universal Requirements: Students must complete all of the following tasks after November 1.

1.              Attend the 1L Career Center orientation on November 2.

2.              Complete a Career Planning Worksheet.  

3.              Complete at least one counseling session with the Career Center.

4.              Upload a resume and at least one cover letter onto Symplicity and work with a career counselor to revise and polish each document.

Electives: In addition, students must complete at least three of the following six activities.  (Items in bold may be available before November 1; stay tuned for more information.)

1.              Engage in a self-assessment (or career testing) exercise to identify interests and skills. 

2.              Read at least one book relevant to the student's career exploration and professional planning.

3.              Participate in a basic cover letter writing workshop (if not covered by the student’s LRW syllabus) or an advanced cover letter writing workshop and a writing sample improvement workshop.

4.              Complete at least two different activities from this list: (1) participate in 1L Mentor Program; (2) participate in 1L Mock Interview Program; (3) become Inn of Court student member; (4) attend at least one Lane County Bar luncheon; (5) attend another networking event, like a law firm’s 1L reception, a CLE program with a meal or reception, or a bar association annual dinner; (6) request and complete an in-person informational interview with an Oregon Law alumnus or other lawyer; (7) pursue another similar activity related to the student’s professional goals.

5.              Attend at least four Career Center programs per semester.

6.              Discuss career options and plans with at least one Oregon Law faculty member.

We hope to see you at a Career Center program soon.


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