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Published in the November 29, 2011, Advisor

While you’re enjoying the holiday break, keep the following deadlines in mind:

Portland Interview Program
The first round of applications is due January 5. You will receive more information via email during December.

Northwest Public Service Career Fair
Applications are due January 16. For more information, see http://www.nwpifair.org.

Large Firm and Other Diversity Fellowships
Most of these opportunities are for 1Ls, though at least three employers accept applications from 2Ls as well. The definition for diversity varies by employer. Some broad definitions include students who are the first in their family to attend college. Applications are due as early as December 31; most are due by January 18. Do a detailed search under job postings in Symplicity for the word “Diversity” and class level 1L or 2L.

Oregon Department of Justice Summer Internships
Applications are historically due in late January. There will be a presentation at the Law School before the deadline. Watch your email for details.

Oregon State Bar Public Honors Fellowships for 2Ls
Applications will be due to the Career Center in late January. Watch your email for details.

Oregon State Bar Clerkship Stipend Program for 1Ls
Applications are due to the Career Center by February 1. Watch your email for details.

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