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How the Career Center Can Help

Published in the August 23rd, 2011, Advisor

First-Year Students

National guidelines prohibit us from working individually with you on a job search until November 1. That’s because, while some of you may be eager to get your search underway, you need to focus on adjusting to law school first.

Some exceptions to this rule do exist. If an employer requires that 1Ls apply before November 1, we will work with you as you prepare your resume and cover letter. (In the past, for example, the deadline for the FBI’s Honors Internship Program was in September, though the application period is scheduled to open November 1 this year.)

Also, we can educate you generally about the legal profession and about the general process of career planning, self-assessment, and networking. These are issues you should be thinking about even at the outset of law school. Therefore, we encourage you to attend our programs and events before November 1. In addition, as the semester progresses, look for 1L-specific information and programs, like our 1L Orientation on Friday, October 28, 12:30-3:00 p.m.

Second-Year and Third-Year Students

We hope that you had a terrific summer, and we are eager to hear about your experiences. Stop by our table in the Commons on Wednesday, August 24, to tell us about your summer and have a treat.

You still have time to submit your applications for Weeks 3 through 9 of our OCI Program. But remember, most employers do not conduct on-campus interviews, so you need to develop a comprehensive job search strategy. We look forward to helping you do that.

A comprehensive job search requires you to engage in these activities:

  • Attending Career Center programs
  • Brainstorming and self-assessing (strengths and preferences)
  • Networking through conferences and bar events
  • Reaching out to UO Law alums, professors, and other professional contacts
  • Frequently revising written materials
  • Applying for many, many jobs (OCI, resume collections, job postings, and independent searches)

Transfer and Visiting Students

Please sign up for an appointment with one of us so that we can introduce you to our services. An active relationship with the Career Center can ease your transition to UO Law. You should have received an email about registering with Symplicity, our UO Law Job database; please register as soon as possible, and let us know if you have questions. Also, we are happy to review your resume, cover letter, and career plans to ensure that you are on a productive path. And if you have not begun planning your desired career path, we can assist you in that effort. Please read the information under “Second-Year and Third-Year Students” above. We hope to see you soon.

LL.M. Students

We help all students — including LL.M. students — with their job search efforts, so please use our expertise and resources to develop a plan to achieve your goals. You should also register for Symplicity; you have already received an email from us with information about that. A few OCI employers are accepting LL.M. resumes. Look for more information from us about programs, interviewing, guest speakers, and more. In the meantime, feel free to stop or contact us by email or phone. We hope to see
you soon.

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