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Understanding Symplicity, the UO Law job database

Published in the July 5, 2011, Advisor

Symplicity is the UO Law job database. It includes job postings that may be of interest not only to students but also to alumni. We compile this database using employer-initiated postings and our own continual review of reputable websites. The database is not an exhaustive list of available positions. Therefore, we encourage you to search for jobs in other places as well. If you need help, sign up for a counseling appointment on Symplicity.

In building the UO Law job database, we include opportunities throughout the nation, but we prioritize the Pacific Northwest. Through a reciprocity system, our students and alumni can access other law schools’ job search tools and listings. If you are looking for a job in a different region, contact us to request reciprocity with up to three schools in that region. See details at http://www.law.uoregon.edu/career/reciprocity/.

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