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September 20, 2011


Law firms sometimes — but not always — ask applicants to participate in more than one round of interviews. When that happens, the first interview is generally short — twenty to forty minutes. The second interview, called a “callback interview,” can last three to six hours — or longer. Read more

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Your Current Job Search Is Just One Small Part of a Life-Long Process

With your search for summer employment, you are beginning the professional development that will continue throughout your career. This is exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming. Consider these suggestions as you embark on this journey. Read more

PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: Helpful Resources for Career Exploration and Network Building

Joining a bar association or other professional organization can help you explore potential paths and connect with mentors as you begin your legal career. That’s why many of these organizations allow students to join.
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LANE COUNTY BAR MENTOR PROGRAM: A Great Opportunity for First-Year Students

Each year, the Center for Career Planning and Professional Development and the Lane County Bar collaborate to bring you the Mentoring Program!
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Taking advantage of networking opportunities like the ones noted below can help you achieve your professional goals. Read more

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