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Symplicity Hints

Published in the September 6, 2011, Advisor

New opportunities are posted daily in Symplicity. The deadlines vary. Search Symplicity often to identify opportunities of interest to you and to learn when applications are due.

Weekly email Job Blasts list Symplicity system expiration dates, which may or may not be the actual employer deadlines. The emails will also include links to each job. Check Symplicity for important information regarding jobs of interest to you.

Create a Job Search Agent in Symplicity to alert you when new jobs are posted to the system that meet the specific criteria that you set. You can choose to have updates sent to you daily or weekly; these emails will include links to the postings. To set up a search agent, click on the Jobs tab and then on Advanced Search. Set your criteria and save it as a specific search agent. Enable it to run on a schedule by clicking on Search Agents.

Designate Favorites under employers (by clicking on a particular employer and then “Add to Favorites” at the right) and jobs (by clicking on the grey star to the left of the job title). Then you can then easily find them again.

Set up to three Geographic Preferences in your Profile under the Academic tab in order to receive an email the day after a job is posted in one of those areas. Please note that this email will include the employer name, job title, and location, but will not include a link to the posting. In order to receive links, save and schedule a Job Search Agent for geographic area, or number of miles from your location (see above).

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