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Log in here to the new Career Center online system, Symplicity. If you're new to the system, click on "Register," and register for a new account.

If you receive a message that your e-mail already exists:

We have already created accounts for many of our employers, including those who have current job postings, so you may receive a message that your e-mail address already exists in the system. However, you will not yet have a password. If you receive this message, contact the Career Center for assistance at symp@uoregon.edu. You may only use the "Forgot My Password" tab if you have previously received a password.

Advantages to you from using this new system include:
Ability to post jobs online.
Ability to copy and revise previous postings, and to deactivate a posting.
Ability to access applications online, if you prefer.

Fall On-Campus Interviews

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