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Log in here to the new Career Center online recruiting system, Symplicity. If you have not registered before, click on the Register button first. If you have registered, but don’t remember your password, you may click on Forgot My Password; the system will automatically send you a new password by e-mail. If you have difficulties logging in or using the system, please contact the Career Center.

Please be aware that when you log in, you will see a system that is designed primarily for students, but which can also be used by graduates, faculty, and staff. Fields in many cases are labeled “student”, although in most cases they apply as well to graduates, faculty, and staff who are using the system.

Here’s what’s you can do in Symplicity:

POST JOBS. You can register as an employer if you are primarily interested in posting job notices for research assistants, Law School positions that would interest our graduates, etc. Click on Employers under the Symplicity Log-in Quicklink at the top of this page. This system will allow you to submit a posting, copy and revise a previous posting, and deactivate a posting.

SEARCH JOBS. Target practice areas, locations, etc. You can also set up a search agent to watch for job postings of interest to you.

ACCESS PERSONAL CAREER CALENDAR: Track application deadlines and appointments; view Career Center event information; schedule career counseling appointments.

RESEARCH EMPLOYERS. Review online profiles of employers that have posted jobs or may interview on campus.

STUDENTS ARE ALSO ABLE TO: Upload resumes and cover letters for review by the Career Center and to make them available to employers who are accepting applications through our online system; submit applications and schedule interviews online for on-campus interviewing; RSVP to attend Career Center events.


The University of Oregon School of Law affirms the right of all individuals to equal opportunity in education and employment, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, age, handicap, national origin, sexual orientation, or any other extraneous consideration not directly and substantively related to effective performance. Our facilities and services are available only to employers whose practices are consistent with this policy.

The School of Law is compelled to make an exception to this policy. The United States Armed Forces discriminate against transgender individuals. Federal law mandates the loss of federal funds to the entire University if military recruiters are not granted the same access to campus and to students as other employers. In order to avert the loss of federal funding, the School has suspended under protest the application of its non-discrimination policy as applied to military recruiters. This exception to our policy does not in any way reflect acceptance of, or agreement with, discriminatory hiring practices.

In addition, the School of Law permits employers to set age parameters in some limited circumstances where age could be directly and substantively related to effective performance.

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