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On-Campus Interviews

Every fall, approximately 40 – 50 employers visit the campus to interview students for summer clerkships and associate positions. Generally, employers that recruit on-campus are larger, private law firms, though each year the employer pool includes some government offices, an occasional public interest employer, and a handful of small to mid-sized private law firms. Students interested in small to mid-sized firms, government and public interest employers must, for the most part, plan, initiate and conduct their own job searches with these employers. The on-campus interview program is highly visible but it is only one avenue for jobs, only one small part of the services that we offer, and represents a relatively small number of employers. Most students will find jobs through their networking efforts and through making their own direct contacts to employers. Though we hope you will assess whether on-campus interviews fit with your overall career plans and opt to participate, we do not believe that it is wise for students to limit their job search efforts to this single career services option.

On-Campus Interview Policies & Procedures: Go to Symplicity, Resources, under OCI.

On-Campus Interviews Fall

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