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On-Campus Interview Policies and Procedures

Access Symplicity through the Career Center webpage and log in. Click on the “OCI” tab.

Step 1: Uploading Documents

1. In the OCI Module, review the list of participating employers under the Employers/Application tab. Select the appropriate Session (each week is a new session) to show the employers that will be interviewing during that time period.

2. To view the employer’s application requirements, click on the “Review” or (i) button. You can assume that for each employer, you will need a resume, cover letter, transcript, and reference list. Some may also ask for writing samples or ask that you bring writing samples to interviews.

3. Once you know the application materials for each employer and the name of the employers and their recruiting coordinators, return to the home page and click on “Documents.”

4. You may now upload your OCI documents:

  • cover letter addressed specifically to each firm’s recruiting coordinator
  • resume
  • reference list
  • transcripts
  • writing sample

5. Do not upload your documents until you have carefully proofread them, have verified all spellings for recruiting coordinator and firm names, and have changed all merge fields for letters. Firms will not consider students whose materials contain proofreading errors, misspell firm or recruiter names, or are poorly written.

6. After you write and polish your materials, click on the “Documents” tab to upload them.

7. The “New Document” window asks for a document label, type, and filename. You may choose any label, but it is a good idea to use the employer name or other descriptor that will allow you to choose the correct document from your files. After choosing a document label, select the appropriate document type. Click on the “Browse” button to select the file to be uploaded.

8. You can upload documents in either Word or PDF format. When all three fields are entered, click on “Submit” to upload the document. If you submitted your document in Word, it will convert to a PDF format when you upload.

9. View both the original and uploaded documents by clicking on one of the small icons in the View column. The blank icon is Word; the Acrobat symbol icon is PDF.

10. After you submit all of your documents, you can preview them and delete them from the “Documents” tab as desired. You are responsible for seeking advance review of your items and ensuring that your materials are perfect upon submission.

Step 2: Applying

1. Click on the OCI tab, then click on the “Employers/Application” tab.

2. Select the appropriate session, then click on the “Review” or (i) button. This will enable you to view the list of employers and to select employers of interest. For each employer, select the appropriate files under the pull-down menus for “Resume,” “Cover Letter,” and “Writing Samples.” If the firm requests other information, click the appropriate boxes under “Other Documents.” Click on the “Apply” button to submit your documents.

3. Once you have applied, you have until 4:00 p.m. on the application closing date to cancel your application. To do so, click on the “Withdraw” button. You may reapply at any point until 4:00 p.m. on the application closing date by repeating the application process. After that, the “Withdraw” button will no longer be available.

Step 3: Employer Process and Student Notification

1. Employers will review student applications and select students for interviews.

2. On the designated date, Career Services will view the list of students selected to interview and will add the students selected through the priority program.

3. Students selected to interview with firms will receive an e-mail inviting them to sign up for interviews. Other students will not receive notice of any kind.

Step 4: Signing up for interviews (Selected Students and Alternates)

1. Employer-selected and priority-selected students sign up for interviews at 4:00 p.m. on the designated date. After the designated date the system is closed to sign-ups. There are no late sign-ups.

2. If you have been selected for an interview, you will be able to click “Accept Pre-select” or “Decline” under the invitations column. If you select “Accept Pre-select,” you will see a “Scheduled Interview” dialogue. You may then select from available interview times; click “Sign-up” to schedule your interview.

3. Clicking on the “Scheduled Interviews” tab under the OCI module will show a list of interview dates, times, and locations.

4. To review your application status, return to the “Employers/Application” tab.

Step 5: Cancelling an Interview

1. If you must cancel an interview, contact the Career Services office immediately. Students who fail to show up for a scheduled interview may be barred from future participation in Career Services interview programs. No-shows are unprofessional and unacceptable. They hurt the school’s reputation and cost classmates opportunities.

Step 6: Preparing for an Interview

1. At a minimum you must read these items:

2. Consider conducting additional research. Reliable sources include the Portland Business Journal, other city business publications, and news databases. Prepare to interview. Use Career Services books, handouts, and workshops to develop confident interviewing skills. Looking good on paper will help you get interviews, but you need great interview skills to help you land a job.

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