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Clinics & Externships

Clinics and Externships

Oregon Law's Clinics and Externships Program gives students real-world experience with concepts learned in the classroom. The program offers second- and third-year students access to a myriad of practical work experiences that allow them to begin to learn what it is to practice law before they even graduate.

Students and employers alike recognize the value of clinical training during law school and the demand for real-world practice experience is at an all-time high. Almost 85% of Oregon Law grads have participated in at least one clinical or externship opportunity before they graduate. Many of these students point to that real-world learning experience as one of the most valuable in law school.

Clinics offer students opportunities to work with clients in one of eight different practice settings.

Externships offer students opportunities to pursue even more unique and specialized practical experiences than are available through a clinical offering.

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